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Cancer Early Detection Centre regularly invites clients to submit feedback about their recent breast screening experience by completing a Client Feedback Survey online.

Why should I give a feedback?

Client Feedback Surveys are essential in helping us to understand your breast screening experience and needs. By looking at survey results and feedback, we can identify things we are doing well and highlight areas that needs improvement. Collecting and using client feedback is also an organizational priority for CEDC. You can provide feedback about our service at any time. To provide feedback, please click on the pink "Feedback" button that appears on the right side of the page

Client Feedback
Is it compulsory to fill the survey?

Participating in the survey is voluntary. We encourage everyone to complete it. If you choose not to complete the survey, this will not affect your invitation for your next breast screening appointment.

How can I be sure that my privacy will be protected?

CEDC complies with relevant legislation relating to confidentiality and privacy. All survey responses are de-identified and anonymized unless you specifically request follow-up about the feedback you provide.

Can I contact CEDC about the survey?

Contact us on

0113 159 227 / +94 11 2368627